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Mathieu Parent replied to Newbies Ressources 6 days ago

Hey, new guy here too. Looking around online for parts and Banggood pops-up a lot.

Mattias Zurkovic has liked an Event 3 weeks ago

Hello Everyone ! Anybody knows where to get LiPo Batteries in montreal for a good price ? thanks !

Dom shared a photo. 1 month ago

Don't let anybody drive your drone. Ahahah

Hello from Caledon, and soon Alliston! (moving in June)

FPV Canada is friends with Hugo Papineau

I'm a newcomer in the FPV Racing drone scene!

My real name is François Leclerc. Have a past with planes, for which I did have fun with. Recently got...
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Flying monkey

Flying monkey
Steph Rain,rain&f*ckin rain 1 month ago
Francois Leclerc posted a new discussion1 month ago

Newbies Ressources

Hi guys, new comer here! Starting to get interested on the FPV Racing scene and I'm wondering where do you guys fly/practice, buy your parts,...

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