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Anybody willing to proof read my build and give me feedback?

Vincent Beaudoin has liked Michael's Profile 2 months ago

anyone wanna get together sometime soon for some flying out north before its way too cold?

nick verge added a video. 2 months ago

welcome to paradise

so i decided to try upping my camera angle a bit and see how i like it the other day. these are my first 2 packs with a little bit more than a 45...

nick verge added a video. 2 months ago


was out trying to figure out a very random brown out issue ive been having since updating to 3.2.2, but ive got it figured out now...... need to...

hey everyone, can't wait to get out to the next event

Hi, how can I tell if I register as a pilot or as an "attendee"; I registered for the last min qualifier (40 dollars)? thanks and look forward to... Show more

Alejo has liked an Event 3 months ago

Hi guys! new member as of today. Where can i purchase the micro drone and controller? Cheers.

Tom Sorger is friends with Ryan Walker

Ryan locke has liked a Group 4 months ago
nick verge added a video. 4 months ago

knocking at the door

Arkells, Knocking at the Door.