2nd Annual Canadian Drone Nationals 2017

Jan 02, 2016

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The 2nd Annual Canadian Drone Nationals

RCGT PARK, OTTAWA - OCTOBER 13th, 14th, 15th

The 2017 Championships are hosted by FPV Ottawa and will take place at our nation’s capital on October 13th, 14th & 15th. In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation, we felt that Ottawa was the perfect location for this year’s Canadian Championships and worked hard to have drone racing be recognized as one of the official Canada 150 partners.

This years championship event will consist of two of the top world events in drone racing, The FPV Canada CDN2017 and the IDRA Challengers Cup, Eastern Canadian Competitions as well as workshops, presentations and hands on experience with micro-drones.

Find out what the rave is all about and feel like a kid again.

Highlights from the 2016 Canadian Drone Nationals at Percival Molson Stadium in Montreal, Quebec.

The National Championships

FPV Canada drone racing league is kicking off the 2017 season with qualifying events across the country beginning in May through September. Pilots will gain points throughout the season, and the top 64 will advance to the Canadian Drone Nationals 2017.  The top 3 Canadian pilots will be crowned the best in the nation and represent Canada internationally.

The Canadian Drone Nationals Qualifiers is open to ALL Canadians and the Rules and Regulations are governed by the CFDR to ensure fair and consistent competitions.

IDRA Challengers Cup Eastern Canadian Competitions

The IDRA, CFDR and FPV Canada have teamed up to bring international racing opportunities to Canadians. All Canadian pilots will have the opportunity to gain points in the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) Challengers Cup.

The Challengers Cup is a semi-professional series of the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA). By sanctioning, supporting, and compiling races around the world into a collective series, IDRA focuses on growing smaller race organizers and the drone community.

Most importantly, the Challengers Cup establishes a clear ladder to become a professional pilot in the IDRA Drone Racing Series. The Challengers Cup will, via human endeavor, determine the future "challengers" to the pro-series.

2nd Annual Canadian Drone Nationals




$10 to $20




Open to all pilots

The Exhibition

We continue to focus on the education and technology of drones and most importantly, hands on experience. Attendees will get face to face with the myriad of different uses and emerging technologies ranging from robotics, humanitarian aid, modernized farming to photography.

The Exhibition will feature;


  • Local University technology labs and the cutting edge research and development projects that will change our future.
  • Hands on experience with drones and First Person View (FPV) racing using micro-drones and the top simulators. 
  • Drone related organizations and local hobby stores promoting their products.
  • Presentations and information sessions from the top Canadian drone pilots and businesses about how drone technology is augmenting their future.
  • Information booths and sessions from the Canadian Federation for Drone Racing (CFDR) & Transport Canada.
Exhibition Layout

Workshops and Presentations

Have you ever wanted to learn how a drone works, or why so many people are using them? The Education Zone is the place for you. There will be activities for all ages, as well as special prizes and giveaways. 

Local schools will be there to try them out and earn their wings. Attendees will learn all about drones and how they are used today in toy, racing, educational and industry fields.

Christ D'Aoust

PID Tuning

Matthew Zoern

Understanding Drones

Nick Iversen

Up close with Micro-Drones

Antoine Leger

Helicopter & Drone Pilot

Sean Smith

Understand rules & regulations

Gab Kocher

Meet & Greet with Gab707

Public Micro-Drone Test Course

Attendees who want to experience the thrill of flying and learn more about drones will have the opportunity.

In this adrenaline pumping 3D obstacle course, attendees will be able to experience first hand flying microdrones. You’ll be highly entertained as you pull off tricks like flips, and turns as you earn your wings. 

The features of the area will include;

  • Projection of pilot’s FPV on LCD displays for attendees to witness.
  • Flying a micro-drone either Line Of Sight (LOS) or First Person View (FPV) in an area sectioned off with netting, but visible for attendees passing by. 
  • Sponsored course timing system from AirBirds, displaying top 10 best times from the attendees that day.
  • Printed personal race results of your best track time of your flight.

FPV Drone Simulator

Want to fly professional FPV Canada courses from around the nation? This is your chance. We will have multiple drone racing simulators setup for everyone to try the official track all the pro's are flying on!

FPV Canada and Rotor Rush have partnered up to provide pilots and players with the ability to fly any race course from any of the chapters from across Canada.

Play the official Canadian Drone Nationals Track on ROTOR RUSH drone racing simulator http://rotorrush.com/

FPV Canada will be hosting a e-sport 2 week online drone race on the Canadian Drone Nationals track for everyone to compete in.

We will take the top 16 Canadian pilots after two weeks and hold a live e-sports drone race for big prizes!!!

Event Schedule


10am - 5pm

Main Exhibition

Elementary School Program

Presentations & Workshops

Pilots Check-in and Course Practice


10am - 5pm

Main Exhibition

Workshops & Presentations

Freestyle Competition

Championships Qualifying Rounds

IDRA Challengers Cup Qualifying Rounds


10am - 5pm

Main Exhibition

Exhibition Wing Race

Championships Final Rounds

IDRA Challengers Cup Final Rounds

Canadian Drone Nationals Event Tickets

Official Pilot Standings


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The Canadian Micro Drone Racing League

Dec 02, 2016

About The Micro League

FPV Canada is committed to organizing drone races of all types and sizes across all of its official chapters in all the major cities Canada.This winter we are happy to start our new Canadian Micro Drone Racing League across most of our official chapters such as FPV Montreal, FPV Ottawa, FPV Toronto and FPV Vancouver. We have setup a shared FPV Canada Calendar with all of our events across Canada so everyone can add them to their schedule. Every winter Canadian pilots try and find places to fly and race their drones indoors, but flying racing drones requires ample space and that can get expensive or difficult to find. Luckily, our chapters have secured some super cool locations to fly indoors with micro drones such as, maker spaces, event spaces, lofts, gymnasiums, office spaces and event local pubs. Get your micro drones ready! we offer 2 classes - Micro Ducted & Micro Open to race around our tracks designed with our standardized gates, flags and obstacles designed by the FPV Canada team. Compete for points over multiple events to make it to the Canadian Micro Drone Championships and the chance to be crowned the best micro drone racing pilot in Canada!

FPV Canada Micro Drone Video

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FPV Canada 2017 League Events Calendar

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Dec 02, 2016

FPV Canada 2017 Rules and regulations

Apr 07, 2017

General League Rules V1.0 Created by Gabriel Kocher - March 2017 This document outlines the Rules & Regulations for the FPV Canada league through support of the Canadian Federation for Drone Racing (CFDR). For more information on the CFDR, visit http://canadianfederationfordroneracing.com/ Pilots will compete in race events across Canada organized through local chapters allowing them to qualify for the Canadian Drone Nationals. Top 5 ranking pilots from the Nationals will be awarded spots in the international racing team ‘Team Canada’. League format Global, Canada wide points system for pilots Local and Canada-wide ranking updated on website Each pilot has a profile and earns points by ranking in races organized by chapters. The points awarded at each race depends on the attendance of that race. Pilots can participate in any number of race events from across Canada. Only the top 4 results gained at the completion of the event are recorded for league standings. Ties are decided by referring to the 5th best race, then 6th race, etc. until top scores are determined. Qualifying for the Canadian Nationals The top 32 pilots in the Global ranking qualify for the Canadian Drone Nationals, that are held at the Canadian Drone Expo - Montreal. 4 extra pilots will qualify as “wildcards”. Those are awarded to pilots who have the best lap times on the CTT-1 track. Chapters Each chapter must hold at least 2 races, to allow local pilots to have results. To be recognized as an official race event, attendance needs to have at least 10 participants. Each chapter must run their events on CTT (canadian time trial) tracks. Definition of Terms HEAT: Designates a single racing section, where a group of pilots fly once. RACE: Designates an ensemble of race faceoffs that may include qualifying and heats. The race result is the final ranking at the end of the day’s racing. DNS: Did Not Start – Aircraft fails to cross start gate. DNF: Did Not Finish – Aircraft fails to complete all requirements set out by the respective competition guidelines. DQ: Disqualified – Disqualification parameters outlined below. OOB: Out of Bounds – The aircraft exceeds the specified area for each respective track design. SEATS: The number of pilots that fly at a time in a heat. Race formats FPV Canada supports the following race formats. Those formats can be combined within a same event (ex. Time trials for qualifying, single elimination racing for the qualified pilots). Time trials: The pilots are separated into flying groups. The groups fly a number of heats sequentially and the lap times are recorded. Pilots are ranked based on their best time or a combination of consecutive or non-consecutive lap times. Maximum number of laps in 2:30 minutes (CTT format): The pilots are separated into flying groups. The groups fly a number of 2 minute heats sequentially and the number of completed laps are recorded. If the 2minutes time out while a pilot is still flying, that pilots may complete his lap, and it will count in his score. Pilots are ranked based on the total number of laps they have completed during the heats. Single elimination bracket: The pilots are separated into flying groups. Each group races 1 heat, and a certain number of pilots in each group advance in the competition to face winners of other groups. Proceed with quarter finals, semi-finals and a final. Double elimination bracket: Similar to the single elimination bracket, but pilots get a second chance if they get eliminated. Eliminated pilots go to a looser bracket, where they need to finish in the qualifying positions to move on. The exact format depends on the number of groups and the number of seats. Repeated single elimination bracket: Same as the single elimination bracket, but each final or semi-final etc. is raced out over several heats. Points are awarded in each heat to determine the outcome of the elimination round . Points reset for the following elimination round. Mains: Pilots are first ranked through time trials. This assigns pilots into the mains A, B, C, D.... For example if 6 seat races are held: pilots ranked 1-5 will compete in the A-main, 5-10 are in the B-main, 11-15 in the C-main etc… The lowest main is held first, and it’s winner (for example C main) gets promoted to the following main (in the B main). The following mains are then run, leading up to the final, the A main which decides the winner. Quad/Multirotor Technical Specifications 6 inch (152 millimeter) diameter maximum propeller size Maximum frame size 280 millimeter motor to motor, no minimum size 4S maximum LiPo battery, maximum 4.2 volts per cell (No High Voltage / HV battery packs) 250mw max vtx output on 5.8ghz 40 channel VTX with Raceband required Quad total weight (AUW) must be lower than 800g Course Specifications Canadian Time Trial (CTT) Official Tracks: The tracks use the standard fpv Canada race gates and flags. Their precise description with dimensions are on the FPV Canada website. For the wild card positions, lap times and DVR needs to be recorded as proof and submitted by an official FPV Canada Chapter representative. Custom Track: A chapter is free to run races on a track of their own design. The track design should however incorporate at least 3 gates and 3 turning points (flag, trees etc..) minimum. The maximum gate opening size is 12ft x 8ft. Each chapter can select to race on as many different tracks as they choose. League Points Awarding The points awarded for each race event depends on the total number of participants. Small Race (10-16 participants): 1st 10 points 2nd 7 points 3rd 5 points 4th 3 points 5th 2 points 6th 1 point Medium Race (17-31 participants): 1st 15 points 2nd 11 points 3rd 8 points 4th 5 points 5th 3 points 6th 2 points Large Race (32+ participants): 1st 20 points 2nd 14 points 3rd 10 points 4th 6 points 5th 4 points 6th 2 points For all official race events, 1 point is awarded to all pilots ranked 7th and below, as long as the pilot completes at least 1 complete circuit of the track. Canadian Drone Nationals Format The 2nd Annual Canadian Drone Nationals will be held at the Canadian Drone Expo - Ottawa. Flying groups will be 6 at a time, with 36 pilots in total to maximize flight time and maximize pilot’s chances at the national title. Day 1: There will be at least 3 qualifying rounds, where pilots will be ranked based on best 3 consecutive laps. Day 2: The top 24 pilots will move into quarter-finals. Each quarter-final will be repeated 3 times, and the top 3 pilots will be decided based on points cumulation during the heats. For each heat, points distribution is 10, 7, 5, 3, 2,1 (for resp.1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th positions). The top 3 pilots from each quarter final will move on to the semi-finals, which will be run in a similar fashion to quarter finals. The top 3 pilots from each semi-final move on to the final, which will be run in 3 heats. To qualify for the 2nd Annual Canadian Drone Nationals, pilots must either be a Canadian national or a Canadian resident.

Apr 07, 2017


Apr 25, 2017

  • What is the 2nd Annual Canadian Drone Nationals?

    The Canadian Drone Nationals is a drone racing competition held across Canada to determine the top pilots based on points achieved from official qualifying events. The top 64 pilots from across Canada will compete in the Finals.

  • Where will the Canadian Drone National Qualifying events be held?

    Qualifying events will be held across Canada through all our participating chapters/groups from May to August 2017.

  • What are the participating chapters/groups ?

    Currently the chapters/groups running qualifying events are: FPV GTA North, FPV Halifax, FPV Ottawa, FPV Montreal Rocky Mountain Drone Racing League, FPV Vancouver and FPV Windsor

  • Who can participate at the drone Nationals?

    The Canadian Drone Nationals is open to any Canadian resident.

  • What are the rules of the Canadian Drone Nationals ?

    Review the Rules and Regulations.

  • Where will the Canadian Drone National Finals be held?

    Each year a different city will be chosen to host the Canadian Drone National's Finals. In 2017 the Finals will be held in the nations capitol of Ottawa for Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

  • Why can't there be event in all FPV chapters ?

    It's important for FPV Canada to provide an equal footing across Canada for fair competition and not all chapters are equipped, but all Official FPV Canada chapters will support racers who would like to practice or have questions.

    See the Official FPV Canada chapters.

  • How many event will there be?

    For fair competition for all pilots, we have implemented a size variable where larger events provide more points than smaller events, but all pilots participating in an event will receive some points.
    See the Canadian Drone Nationals Rules and Regulations.

  • Is there a schedule for the Canadian Drone National's qualifyer events?

    Yes, you can consult our schedule for the latest information using the FPV Canada event calendar. The calendar is being updated so make sure to bookmark it and come back often to see events in your area. 

  • Does the Canadian Drone National's cover any travelling fees for pilots that are participating?

    No, pilots are responsible for their own sponsorships similar to F1 or X-Games.

  • Can pilots attend multiple different chapter events? (ie attend both FPV Windsor and FPV Vancouver events in hopes to boost points on pilots profile)

    Yes, there is currently nothing preventing pilots attending multiple events across the country if they choose to do so.


  • Will chapters host equal number of races?

    No, we want to try and keep an equal amount based on size and frequency across Canada. 

  • How are points awarded?

    Pilots race in groups, but all times will be recorded by the AirBirds RaceBox (Vtx) based on pilot's respective lap times. Additionally, Rules and Regulations will be managed by the Canadian Federation for Drone Racing (CFDR) to ensure fair competition. 

  • Are there opportunities to be on the National Team?

    Yes, it's of the utmost importance that any team conducts themselves in a fair and ethical manner, allowing any and ALL Canadians a chance to represent Canada. May the best pilots win and represent Canada on the world stage!Ye,

Apr 25, 2017