Apr 25, 2017
  • What is the 2nd Annual Canadian Drone Nationals?

    The Canadian Drone Nationals is a drone racing competition held across Canada to determine the top pilots based on points achieved from official qualifying events. The top 64 pilots from across Canada will compete in the Finals.

  • Where will the Canadian Drone National Qualifying events be held?

    Qualifying events will be held across Canada through all our participating chapters/groups from May to August 2017.

  • What are the participating chapters/groups ?

    Currently the chapters/groups running qualifying events are: FPV GTA North, FPV Halifax, FPV Ottawa, FPV Montreal Rocky Mountain Drone Racing League, FPV Vancouver and FPV Windsor

  • Who can participate at the drone Nationals?

    The Canadian Drone Nationals is open to any Canadian resident.

  • What are the rules of the Canadian Drone Nationals ?

    Review the Rules and Regulations.

  • Where will the Canadian Drone National Finals be held?

    Each year a different city will be chosen to host the Canadian Drone National's Finals. In 2017 the Finals will be held in the nations capitol of Ottawa for Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

  • Why can't there be event in all FPV chapters ?

    It's important for FPV Canada to provide an equal footing across Canada for fair competition and not all chapters are equipped, but all Official FPV Canada chapters will support racers who would like to practice or have questions.

    See the Official FPV Canada chapters.

  • How many event will there be?

    For fair competition for all pilots, we have implemented a size variable where larger events provide more points than smaller events, but all pilots participating in an event will receive some points.
    See the Canadian Drone Nationals Rules and Regulations.

  • Is there a schedule for the Canadian Drone National's qualifyer events?

    Yes, you can consult our schedule for the latest information using the FPV Canada event calendar. The calendar is being updated so make sure to bookmark it and come back often to see events in your area. 

  • Does the Canadian Drone National's cover any travelling fees for pilots that are participating?

    No, pilots are responsible for their own sponsorships similar to F1 or X-Games.

  • Can pilots attend multiple different chapter events? (ie attend both FPV Windsor and FPV Vancouver events in hopes to boost points on pilots profile)

    Yes, there is currently nothing preventing pilots attending multiple events across the country if they choose to do so.


  • Will chapters host equal number of races?

    No, we want to try and keep an equal amount based on size and frequency across Canada. 

  • How are points awarded?

    Pilots race in groups, but all times will be recorded by the AirBirds RaceBox (Vtx) based on pilot's respective lap times. Additionally, Rules and Regulations will be managed by the Canadian Federation for Drone Racing (CFDR) to ensure fair competition. 

  • Are there opportunities to be on the National Team?

    Yes, it's of the utmost importance that any team conducts themselves in a fair and ethical manner, allowing any and ALL Canadians a chance to represent Canada. May the best pilots win and represent Canada on the world stage!Ye,