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Easy Race Lap Timer Pocket Edition

EasyRaceLapTimer PocketEdition is the next evolution in time tracking systems for FPV racing quads. With the pocket edition, your able to measure your lap times where ever you are! Everything you need is this small PocketEdition box, a USB power supply like a small power bank and a mobile devise.

Just drop theEasyRaceLapTimer PocketEdition box on the ground, power it up, set up your video transmission channel and your ready to go! No more hassles, just having fun in 2 minutes! Start practicing with this little device to become a better FPV racing pilot!

No additional hardware needed on your quad!You don’t need to mount an extra transponder on your quad to use the PocketEdition. The system will scan your video transmitter signal.

Fallbacks save your time!
Even if your mobile phone or tablet will lost the connection to the system, it will continue track your time. Just do a refresh on your mobile devise and you will see your latest track results!

Tiny and powerfull!
Our PocketEdition of EasyRaceLapTimer is the smallest and most reliable time tracking device on the market yet.


Pocket Edition Specification & Features


  • time tracking via your quad’s video transmitting signal
  • 40 channels supported (e.g. RaceBand, FatShark, Boscam)
  • lower power consumption
  • internal memory for tracking lap times even if your mobile devise isn’t connected to the system
  • scanning channels for getting the signal strength of each channel
  • compatible with the OpenSource version of EasyRaceLapTimer version 0.6+
  • fly / compete against other pilots using the PocketEdition & FPV-SPORTS.IO

Why Buy Airbirds

  • Made in Germany by German engineers
  • You can connect 4 together via the app for group timing
  • accurate timing within 4 to 7ms
  • Uses arduino's for hardware
  • API is open source and easy to use
  • ERLT Development by the open source community
  • Work with Tiny Whoops and all types of drones
  • Tested by FPV Canada and used by all their chapters
  • Works on both Android and IOS Smart phones


  • 5V voltage
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • max 280mAh current consumption

Download The Airbirds App

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Airbirds Race Box VTX 8 Person Timing System

We are very proud to announce that is now the official timing partner & sponsor of the FPV Canada Drone Racing League. FPV Canada has been using the Airbirds open source infrared timing system ERLT since the start and we only have good things to say.  Working closely with Airbirds allows us to be involved in doing research, development and testing of their products and give real time feedback on their software and apps.  

Airbirds provides and open API from their website and also able to work seemlessly with MULTIGP website and Lapsync.  VTX timing is the future of drone racing hardware and Airbirds is 1 of 3 players in the world with this technology. Airbirds prides itself in being a big part of the open source community to allow free development and building of software around their proprietary hardware, their project code source can be found on Github.

The official Google Chrome App of the RaceBox is directly connects  to FPV-SPORTS.IO for a smooth integration of both time tracking and race management. Both Mac and PC native apps are being developed and will be release shortly


RaceBox Specification & Features


  • track up to 8 pilots at once
  • VTX time tracking
  • 40 Channels (z.B. RaceBand, FatShark, Boscam)
  • smooth integration with FPV-SPORTS.IO via the official Google Chrome App of the RaceBox
  • LapSync MultiGP Support
  • various race modes are supported via FPV-SPORTS.IO or MultiGP, e.g. time-based or point-based qualification, Double Elemination etc.

Why Buy Airbirds

  • Made in Germany by German engineers
  • Uses multiple arduino's for hardware
  • API is open source and easy to use
  • Works with multiple race leagues and software
  • ERLT Development by the open source community
  • Work with Tiny Whoops and all types of drones
  • Tested by FPV Canada and used by all their chapters


  • Connection: Serial via Micro-USB Port
  • Power: 2-4S LiPo, XT60-Connector
  • Max racers: 8
  • Accuracy: 20ms
  • Size: 6in by 10in by 3in
  • Weigh 0.25kg
  • Plastic case with air vents
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About The Micro League

FPV Canada is committed to organizing drone races of all types and sizes across all of its official chapters in all the major cities Canada.This winter we are happy to start our new Canadian Micro Drone Racing League across most of our official chapters such as FPV Montreal, FPV Ottawa, FPV Toronto and FPV Vancouver. We have setup a shared FPV Canada Calendar with all of our events across Canada so everyone can add them to their schedule. Every winter Canadian pilots try and find places to fly and race their drones indoors, but flying racing drones requires ample space and that can get expensive or difficult to find. Luckily, our chapters have secured some super cool locations to fly indoors with micro drones such as, maker spaces, event spaces, lofts, gymnasiums, office spaces and event local pubs. Get your micro drones ready! we offer 2 classes - Micro Ducted & Micro Open to race around our tracks designed with our standardized gates, flags and obstacles designed by the FPV Canada team. Compete for points over multiple events to make it to the Canadian Micro Drone Championships and the chance to be crowned the best micro drone racing pilot in Canada!

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