The Canadian Drone Academy welcomes you to learn more about building and flying drones.
After having a very successful 1st semester in the winter of 2016 with 20 students attending and graduating from the 10 week course at the District 3 Makerspace at Concordia University.  We have had many people sign up on the website and we have decided to offer 2 classes a week to allow more students in the program.
About the course
The Course will be taught by Nick Iversen who is not only a passionate and experienced drone pilot. Nick is also the Marketing Director at FPV Canada has also been a pioneer by helping form the FPV community in Montreal which includes the Canadian Drone Academy and the much acclaimed Montreal Drone Expo.. CDA will be working WIth 3 major Canadian drone companies to provide the choice of drones. ( Airblade UAV, FPV Racing Products, FPV Quads Canada ) We will cover transport Canada’s laws and also guidelines from MAAC for flying safety so that all our students knows how to fly safely.
When are the courses?
Classes will start the October 29th  2016 and will last for 7 weeks till the 3rd week of December. Classes will be weekends on Saturdays from 11am to 2pm.
What is the course curriculum?
 Learn to build and fly drones in 10 weeks
Week 1: Introduction to drones
Week 2: Start building - Start flying simulators
Week 3: Connecting power and motors
Week 4: Flight Controller & Cleanflight
Week 5: Understanding Testing and tuning
Week 7: Setting up everything FPV ( First Person View )
Week 8: Finish builds and go over safety and regulations/
After finishing the course you have access to taking our flying classes. Flying classes will start the second week of January and you will have 2 free classes. Then you can continue on your own or take our separate drone flying class.
Where are the courses held?
The classes will be held either at Concordia’s District 3 Makerspace. 5min walk from a metro and also has lots of parking around.
How much is the course and what what do you get?
Price of the course is starting at 1000$ with the choice of 3 drones to upgrade to.

  1. All the parts to build a FPV Drone
  2. The remote control
  3. The FPV Goggles
  4. 1 battery
  5. 1 set of props
  6. Battery tester and buzzer
  7. 1 basic charger
  8. Tool kit with everything you need to build a drone
  9. Soldering Iron with stand
  10. Nuts, bolts, standoffs, tie wraps and shrink wrap.

Class requirements?
This course is open to anyone above the age of 14 and does not require any previous knowledge.  This does require lots of time and the ability to figure things out online and trouble shoot at any point.  Anyone should be able learn how to build a drone with our 10 week program and be able to have the knowledge and tools necessary to be confident in going forward in this hobby.
Why take the course?

  • In a fun, immersive way, engaging
  • Building / tuning / flying / racing
  • Exposure to this new incredible fast-paced immersive sport / hobby
  • Engage with other like-minded communities and individuals
  • Sharing the passion to this new sport
  • Learn about the makers community
  • Learn to fly drones on simulators

Signup now!

  1. To reserve a spot in our fall courses please signup
  2. Make a deposit of 300$
  3. Make balance payment - 700$/ balance based on upgrades on Oct 10th 2016
  4. Free info session October 7th at 7 to 8:30pm
  5. Registration closes after the info session

Sign up for the Fall semester, the free info sessions or any of our other courses
For any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  1. Will you offer just flying classes?Yes.
  2. Can i try to fly a drone before i sign up?Yes at the info sessions we have teeny drones.
  3. Do you sell drones so i can take flying lessons? Yes we have a starter package
  4. Can we take the class online?Yes we offer video classes online, we ship you the parts.
  5. Can i bring my own drone?Yes
  6. Is the course offered in french?I do speak french if needed but the content is in english.

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